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Pinewood Derby 101

Pinewood derbies are a winter tradition in Third Place Commons, and they appear like clockwork in our calendar.  Just as regular are questions from people who have no idea what this event is, so with the help of Wikipedia, this is our answer:  a pinewood derby is a racing event for Cub Scouts in the ...


Time for Breakfast!

Third Place Commons is the heart of the community in the north end.  What better time to show your love than on Valentine’s Day at our annual fundraising breakfast?   Tickets are only $40 each, or you can host table of 8 for $300.  Every dollar raised supports our programs, over 800 every year, all free ...


Commons Creatives

Every year, Third Place Commons honors partners who enliven our community.  In 2013, we are pleased to recognize the “Commons Creatives,” the clever folks who make things in the space.  They knit and crochet, draw and paint, write and perform music.  They dance, sing, hook rugs, tie flies, and they make the Commons the lively, ...